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Dentist recommends not using nattokinase before dental visit

I wanted to share my experience with the enzyme Nattokinase. In Japan, Nattokinase is a traditional soybean dish in which the soybeans are boiled or steamed, then fermented. This fermentation process produces natto which is a healthy food that has particular health benefits. The Japanese often eat it at breakfast with rice. For commercial distribution, the Natto is then made into tablets. In Japan, it is the preferred supplement for a safe cardiovascular program due to its unique ability to thin the blood thus improving circulation. It should not be used before a dental visit because of its blood thinning properties.

In my situation, Nattokinase worked well because I required a medicine with blood-thinning properties. I believe that Nattokinase improved my condition and prevented a heart attack or stroke. An additional benefit was a significant improvement in my blood pressure levels, and I no longer require medication for high blood pressure.

Although, there has been limited research for Nattokinase, there have been studies involving animal research. Individual’s testimonials have been the strongest evidence of the benefits of Nattokinase. There are some potential side effects that you need to be aware of. Do not take Nattokinase with any other blood thinner. It is always advisable to consult with your doctor before starting any new supplement.

Great Baton Rouge Dentist That Cares

Dentist In Baton RougeThe next time you visit your dentist in Baton Rouge and you feel somewhat apprehensive or just a little nervous about the procedure, request nitrous oxide as a mild sedation to make you feel more relaxed. Some people refer to nitrous oxide as laughing gas, but I have never experienced laughter when my dentist administered the gas before giving me the shot to deaden the area needing work.

Many people myself included have a phobia of shots especially in the mouth. To relieve this type of anxiety, the dentist will place a mask or nasal cannula over your nostrils and you will inhale the nitrous oxide. In a few minutes, you will feel more relaxed and less anxious about the procedure. The dentist is able to regulate the amount of nitrous oxide that you receive so that you will experience more comfort as needed. The dentist usually administers 3 parts nitrous oxide and 7 parts oxygen.

One great aspect of using nitrous oxide is that the effect is temporary with no side effects. You will be able to drive yourself home after the procedure. The gas is strong enough to relieve the anxiety that you experience while at a dental office, yet mild enough to have no effect when you leave the office. Discuss the use of nitrous oxide with you dentist Baton Rouge to determine if it is beneficial for you.